Pilot projects developed with partners

29 oct. 2021

In Orange 5G Lab, we work together with partners to prototype, develop and implement pilot projects.

We explore together domains like:

  • Networks of the Future
  • Cities of the Future
  • Factories of the Future
  • Public Safety
  • Agrifood
  • Automotive
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Green & Energy
  • Tourism
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Health & Lifestyle

Learn more about the utility of the 5G technology through the usecases demonstrated and documented in the lab.

Safe city, in partnership with SecurifAI

Together with SecurifAI we have integrated and successfully tested, on top of the 5G infrastructure with edge-computing functionalities, the Safe City solution dedicated to public security projects whose beneficiaries are public administrations in Romania.

The benefits brought by the new architecture come from the increased operational flexibility for the installment of the solution with reduced service provision times from weeks or months, needed to obtain authorizations and actually installing fiber optics via public spaces to connect IP cameras from across the city to a Command and Control Center, to a few days necessary in the present.

The edge-processing functionality brought by the 5G infrastructure helps minimize times needed for the video processing algorithms to detect and clasify incidents that alert the public authority's command and controll center.

Telemedicine solution, in partnership with Telios Care

With the help of the 5G infrastructure and the 5G Lab resources, Telios Care, startup part of the Orange Fab accelerator, offers a telemedicine solution that facilitates professional medical long-distance consultations, via phone or video calls.

Easy access to professional medical services is possible because of the ultra-reliable 5G infrastructure, cu low latency, which allows not only access to medical treatment, but also eliminates the risk of viral exposure. In other words, the virtual visit to the doctors' is done faster, more efficient and safer.

5G offers a connectivity standard higher than previous mobile networks generations, which supports a better quality for the video streams and higher speeds with which doctors will be able to take and process in real-time the information from the connected devices. We're referring here not only to the phone or tablet, but as well to devices that measure blood pressure or that evaluate skin lesions, like those already present in Alphega pharmacies. All these are possible through:

  • flexibility to fastly allocate network resources as slices (uRLLC slices - Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications)
  • reduced latency (below 5 ms), essential to transmit measurements to the doctor in real-time
  • transmitting the video consultation via the dedicated slice(eMBB  slice - Enhanced Mobile Broadband), which happens in parallel with the measurement transmission.

Also, taking into account the expected development in terms of the number of types of devices in the internet of objects (IoMT - Internet of Medical Things), 5G comes to support telemedicine service providers with the possibility to define an mMTC network slice (massive Machine Type Communications).

The progress registered by telemedicine is only an example of the 5G infrastructure's benefits. In the future, the capacity to rapidly and safely exchange high-definition content will support not only teleconsultations, but also the muli-disciplinary collaboration between institutions, be they academic, private or public.

The security of the data owned by doctors and patients, as well as the reliability of the telemedicine service to the highest standard are critical. That is why, the validation of the solution in the Orange 5G Lab also included a complex cyber-security audit for the Telios software platforms, as well the servers and client applications, configurations and processes used by Telios Care, to ensure a high level of protection for sensitive information, as well as availability and integrity of the platform, against the most important cyber threats.

The audit was done by the cyber security specialists in the 5G Lab, in the July - August 2021 period.


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