5G for connected intersections, specific to cities of the future – the 5G Smart Intersection solution

29 mart. 2023

Orange Business Services, together with Continental Automotive Romania and the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” from Iasi, successfully implemented the 5G Smart Intersection solution, that combines ML based video processing with the 5G connectivity and an edge-compute solution.

The main goal of this solution is the development of hardware and software systems the enable automated and connected vehicles to coordinate their driving behavior when they pass through smart intersection. The coordination is not only based on the internal intelligence of the vehicle, but also on the communication with other vehicles and the smart and 5G connected road infrastructure.

The Smart Intersection solution is based on the Iasi Orange 5G Lab infrastructure, being one of the common projects that will be developed by our teams during next years. Thereby, at the level of the Podu Ros intersection from Iasi surveillance cameras were installed on two traffic lights poles; the cameras are used for the detection of the road users and for the creation of a digital model of the intersection. The cameras are connected to the Orange 5G network, and their video feed is transferred almost instantly, benefiting from the high throughput offered by the flagship mobile technology, to an edge-compute node from the Iasi Orange 5G Lab datacenter. This data will be quickly analyzed, and the resulted decisions and information will be forwarded to the intersection and the road users with very low latency.

The purpose of the project is to decrease the number of road accidents, with or without victims, through the use of smart traffic systems. This desiderate was assumed by the partners from Continental Automotive through the Vision Zero objective: Zero Fatalities, Zero Injuries, Zero Crashes.

Find more about the applicability of the projects and the implementation technical details by viewing the video down below:


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