5G for collaborative technologies – the Augmented Team solution

29 mart. 2023

Orange Business Services, together with RAJA Constanta, the biggest public water distribution and treatment operator in Romania, successfully implemented the Augmented Team solution, a remote assistance application that combines augmented reality with real-time video transmission, all of that to connect multiple persons when they need to collaborate during technical operations with varying difficulty levels.

This solution was piloted in the Bucharest Orange 5G Lab, it being a relevant application for the 5G technology. The implementation from RAJA Constanta is based on this communications infrastructure, benefiting from the high throughput and low latency connection specific to 5G, that assures the transmission of video feeds at the highest possible quality and with no noticeable delay.

The scenario demonstrated at the Eforie Sud wastewater treatment plant shows how a field technician, a dispatcher coordinator from the command and control center, as well as a technical expert from a partner company are able, through the use of the Augmented Team solution, to send and receive information, in real time, using 5G connected devices, in order to execute a predictive maintenance work. In this case, the usage of augmented reality turns out to be very useful for remote assistance, all the actions specific to the maintenance process being coordinated by experts from different locations that don’t need to travel to the incident location, which leads to the solving of the problem in a very short time.

Find more about the applicability of the projects and the implementation technical details by viewing the video down below:


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