VITAL-5G Press Release February 2024

26 febr. 2024

As 5G networks are being deployed across the world, more and more vertical industries are discovering the benefits of 5G connectivity and the novel business and innovation models that it has to offer. The Transport & Logistics (T&L) industry is a vertical sector that is expected to be one of the key adopters of 5G technology. However, the adoption and penetration of 5G-based solutions in T&L may be hindered by the knowledge/expertise gap between the vertical industry, the telecommunication experts and the application developers.

The VITAL-5G project vision is to advance the offered T&L services by engaging significant logistics stakeholders as well as innovative SMEs and allowing them to validate their T&L related solutions and services utilizing real-life resources and advanced 5G-testbeds. Three trial sites are available to 3rd parties, supported by three 5G-PPP testbeds located in Belgium, Romania, and Greece.

The 3rd party experimentation enables organizations to experiment with project assets and explore the capabilities of 5G in a simplified manner, enabled by the VITAL-5G platform, and to develop new and/or to enhance existing vertical and/or agnostic services.

They get zero-cost access to technology experts from across Europe, who will support them in developing and optimizing their applications and services for use on 5G networks. This allows them to focus on understanding the benefits of 5G and showcasing the performance of their application.

VITAL-5G facilities are applicable across many industrial sectors, including Transport and Logistics (T&L), Industry 4.0, IoT, automated and remote vehicle control. The project has developed an innovative Experimentation Platform (VITAL-5G platform), providing:

  • simplified deployment of vertical service in the 5G network
  • enhanced network performance of deployed vertical services by utilizing network slicing
  • real-time monitoring of network and service performance
  • advanced failure diagnostics for all deployed services.

If you are a passionate individual or organization that would like to use the VITAL-5G resources to develop and test your vertical for the T&L sector, please fill in the form for your Expression of Interest and we will contact you soon!

For more information send email to

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101016567.


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